5 reasons why you should hire a record management company

5 reasons why you should hire a record management company

We believe that an effective record management solution should feel like an extension of your own company

1. Using a record management company will free up vital floor space in your office. Think of all the extra desks you could get in for new workers. 

2. A record management company will have the proper facilities to store your documents, and can even offer scanning services if you need to keep electronic records.

3. Think about when you don’t need your files and records anymore, what are you going to do with them? Put them in the bin? A record management company will dispose of your files correctly and make sure your data is destroyed in an economical manner.

4. Have a look at where you’re storing your files at the moment. How do you reckon they would hold up if a small disaster happened – a fire started or if a water pipe burst? Cube Record Management Services have facilities that are fully protected to category 1 standards and are protected 24/7.

5. Using record management company lessens the risk of legal action being taken against you. Would you be insured if you lost someone’s data or medical records, due to staff negligence or through poor storage conditions? Could you afford the costs of a massive legal case? No need if you use a record management company. Your records are stored safely, and are always available when you need them.

Cube Record Management Services are here to help. We have plenty more reasons why you should hire us! Give us a call a we will be happy to show you the advantages of using our services.

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